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Sophia Girls' High School Saharanpur

The bells of dear Sophia at break of grey dawn, From slumber deep wake us, ringing gaily on; They herald a new day of duty and love To praise our Great Father in Heaven above.
The bells of dear Sophia O hark; they are calling, The loved ones, the loyal ones, Sophians, one and all Come Seek Ye True Wisdom their echoes are pealing Ring on, ring on, O Sophians hark to their sweet call.
The bells of dear SOPHIA sound their clarion call, To Sophians when blazing the noon-day rays fall; Life’s battle to face with courageous glad hearts, And cherish the ideals which Sophia imparts.
The bells of dear Sophia at calm eventide, Remind us of GOD, Who with us doth abide, “O fear not, dear Sophians”, their echo new swells, “GOD’s blessing is on you”, chime softly the bells.