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Sophia Girls' High School Saharanpur

  • The report card records the progress of a student in her studies as well as the evaluation of her conduct, application and attendance during the year.
  • The students will have continuous and comprehensive evaluation that will be spread over the year as per CBSE guidelines.
  • Grades will be awarded to the students for their performance.
  • Failure to appear in any examination conducted in the school will affect the promotion of a student.
  • The minimum pass marks for every subject is 40%.
  • In all question of promotion or failure, the Principal’s decision in final.
  • Pupils absent from an examination for any reason are not re-examined.
  • Absence from one or more subjects involves the loss of marks for those subject, and excludes the pupils from being reckoned in the order of merit and from a prize.
  • If a students does not have 90% attendance in classes K.G. to IX and 75% in class X at the end of the session she will be prevented from appearing in the final examination.
  • No approach will be entertained for the promotion or admission.
  • Promotion from one class to another is decided on the student’s progress throughout the year which includes all the tests, exams and other internal assessments. The final report shall not serve as the only criterion for promotion. The decision of the Principal regarding promotion will be final.