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Sophia Girls' High School Saharanpur The primary aim of our Educational Institution is an all round development of the whole person: spiritual, moral, intellectual, emotional, cultural, physical, aesthetic and social, thus making our students fully human, knowledgeable, dignified, loving, forgiving, compassionate, committed and responsible citizen of our beloved Mother Land.
Our students are helped to be open to God Experience through faith formation/value education and enabled to create a new society where people would accept each other as sisters and brothers under the common parenthood of God.
Our main thrust is the Total Liberation of the Girl Child/Women striving to make them realize their self worth, while laying stress on character formation. We work for the empowerment of women so that, freed from the shackles of ignorance and social evils; they take their rightful place in family and society.
We help our students to accept religious and cultural pluralism. We promote a respect for local customs and practices by common celebration of the national and local festivals in our schools.
Like St. Francis the Patron of Ecology we develop in our students respect for life, for nature and environment, and encourage them to be agents of peace and Harmony.
We train our students for constructive thinking, critical evaluation and planning. We provide Human rights education to sensitize our students, regarding their responsibilities in the society and the world.
we turn our special and concentrated attention to the poor, marginalized and the down trodden sections of the society and consciously help them merge with the mainstream society.