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Sophia Girls' High School Saharanpur Sophia as the word indicates wisdom and enlightenment- a sign of education through devotion. It was on the 14th of August 1948 Arch Bishop Vanni of Agra wrote to our Mother Matilda asking for help to replace the Salesians Sister thus to carry on their work in school. Our Mother Matilda favourably replied and personally came to judge the local conditions.
Sr. Catherine, Sr. Winnfred and Sr. Matilda reached Saharanpuron Dec 27th, 1948. These sisters left Saharanpur on 3rd Jan. 1949 and the first mass of sisters set in our chapel of 4th Jan.- Sr. Benigha, Sr. Juliana, Sr. Luduvica, Sr. Winnfred, Sr. Anna- these first community sisters came on 7th Jan. 1949 and called the place Land’s End as it was called then. Sr. Matilda blessed them on their route saying- May the star of Bethlehem which guided the magi, guide you to your destination. Father Gabriel was there to receive them and then began busy days.
It was only on 5th Jan. 1949 that with the efforts of these sisters, school re-opened with 70 children on roll upto class IV.
A prayer service ushered the academic year in, and the sisters and other members of the staff, put their hand on the first plough trusting the Lord the "All which begins well be well".
In 1959, Sophia was regarded as a junior high school of U.P. Board and the first batch appeared for Public Exam in April 1960. In 1964, Sophia was chosen to provide hostel facilities and terminated in 1975.
In 1965, the Hindi Medium was set up and the very same year, our school get affiliation to the C.B.S.E Delhi temporarily and then permanently in 1981.
Today, when we have reached in the scholastic year 1999, the Sophian tree has reached high with 2000 fruits. The glancing figure makes a person amazed and its sure to reach to the pinnacle of success. Apart from it, the number of our teachers has rushed upto 50 with 20 IV Class staff.
Today, with the efforts of these able and efficient Principals. Our school has reached to what it is today- One of the best schools of Saharanpur whose students feel proud to be called as Sophians.