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Sophia Girls' High School Saharanpur Sophia Girls’ Senior Secondary School (Eng. Med.) Saharanpur is affiliated to Central Board of Secondary Education, New Delhi. It functions under the management of the Mission Sisters of Ajmer, a religious Indian Congregation which belongs to the Christian minority in India governed by Article 30(1) of the Indian Constitution, whose dedicated lives to God enable them to render devoted service in the field of women education and in the upliftment of humanity. It is a link in the chain of other Sophia School in Rajasthan and other states run by the Mission Sisters of Ajmer.
The aim of the institution is to give Indian girls the benefit of a refined education on modern lines with facilities both for study and domestic living.
As a Catholic School it is working not only for the intellectual culture and physical development of the children from the early stages, but also for the formation of character by inculcating sound moral principles, so that they grow up as a good children of God and responsible citizens of our country. Christian students receive instruction in religion and care is taken to see the preservation of the Christian faith and religious practices.
Admission is open to all students irrespective of religion, caste and community but preference is given to the Catholic students.